Emmy Rich is an international pianist, pop & electronic songwriter from Sweden who composes heartfelt and breathtaking piano music as well as beats dropping EDM to acoustic singer-songwriter music. She has released several singles and two albums as an independent artist including “Impressions” (2022) and “Brand New Start” (2020). Both albums were funded by amazing worldwide supporters off social media. 

Her music can be found on Dreamwear Bridals commercials, Capet eBuy and Fridas Vänner, a CD project fundraising for the homeless and Homeless House in Helsingborg that was sold in 30.000 copies in record stores all over Sweden.

Emmy began her career as a busker on local city festivals on the streets of Helsingborg as well as performing at weddings, venus, and 5 star hotels. Her first major breakthrough came in 2015 when she joined the live streaming app Periscope and became a VIP broadcaster with thousands of followers worldwide and over 112.000 people watching live. She was nominated Top Talent by talent scouts who found her through the livestreaming. Her second breakthrough came 2020 when she entered the world famous music competition ISC (International Songwriting Competition) where she was selected as a Semi-Finalist with her song Brand New Start and was the 11% who made the cut out of 18.000 entries with Dua Lipa, Coldplay, REM and other music experts in the jury.

Her latest single Million Miles Away became a hughe online success and was charting in two countries on the Top 100 iTunes list at position #69 in Sweden and #18 in Finland.

These days Emmy live streams her performances to Twitch and TikTok and when she was streaming on Happs  she broke the records and had over 150.000 people watching live. Emmy is currently working on writing new music and recording in the studio.

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